RAM Device Specification

The RAM device offers a variable amount (configure size from 1 up to 4GByte) of read/write memory at a configurable address. Upon Power On or Reset, the whole memory is set to zero.

RAM Configuration

The RAM has the following configurable parameters:
host localhost the host where the bus is located
port 9002 the port where the bus is located
address 0x8000000000000000 address where the resource is located
size 1 the number of bytes in the RAM up to 4GByte
x 0the x position of the window
y 0the y position of the window
minimized falsestart with a minimized window
debug falseto generate debug output
debugmask 0xFFF0 set mask to hide debug output
verbose falsemake debugging verbose, sets debug mask to zero
define not setto define a name for conditionals
config not setfilename for a configuration file
help falseto print information
These can be set in default.vmb