The MMIX Editor Key Bindings

The MMIX editor is implemented using the free scintilla source code editing component. See for further details. Therefore the MMIX editor inherits most key bindings from scintilla.

Most of the key bindings are obvious, for example the "Page Down" key will move one page down, and we do not need to list them here. Further, we do not list key bindings here that are very uncommon. The following table lists only the "common unusual" key bindings, that is: key bindings that involve pressing the Shift, Control, or Alt key and are used frequently when editing MMIX source code.

Scroll and Position

Arrow Down CtrlScroll down one line
Arrow Up CtrlScroll up one line
Home CtrlGo to document start
End CtrlGo to document end

Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Move

X CtrlCut Selection
C CtrlCopy Selection
V CtrlPaste Selection
Del ShiftDelete current line
Del CtrlDelete to end of current line
Backspace CtrlDelete to beginn of current line
Arrow Down Shift+CtrlMove current line (or all lines selected) down
Arrow Up Shift+CtrlMove current line (or all lines selected) up
T CtrlInterchange this and the previous line


A CtrlSelect All
Arrow Down ShiftExtend selection downward one line
Arrow Up ShiftExtend selection upward one line
Arrow Left ShiftExtend selection left by one character
Arrow Right ShiftExtend selection right by one character

Do and Undo

Z CtrlUndo
Y CtrlRedo

Zoom In and Out

+CtrlZoom in
-CtrlZoom out
/ CtrlZoom to 100% (Only on numeric keypad)

Indentation and Pretty Printing

ICtrlAutomatically adjust indentation